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Dear Dr Edelman,

Today I took my first hand shake and I couldn't believe how dry my hands were. I feel as though I am in a dream and I may soon be awaken. I have always felt that my performance at work was held back because of my problem. All of a sudden the wall that used to be in front of me is gone. This is too good to be true.

Not only are my hands bone dry, my feet feels dry too and a day after surgery, I feel no pain. If ever, you have any patients who require to speak to a patient of yours, please feel free to use me as your spokes person. I am as of yesterday an Ambassador at large for you and your team. You are a god sent ! May god bless you, your family and all your staff as you have truly blessed my life.

I shook my wife's hands today and for once I said to her your hands are cold and she said that mine were warm.

Dr Edelman, the way you handled my case from the beginning and the way you operated on me, the staff at the hospital.......... No words can describe my experience. I truly felt like I was in god's chambers.

You will always be in my prayers. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU ! As I take my next step to rise the corporate ladder, I will never forget this day and the person who set me free from the shackles that bound me.

I wish to continue to correspond with you if you will allow me.

Warmest Regards,

Dilip Mukundan
Director of Travel Industry Sales
Grande Lakes Orlando
JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes
The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa

Dear D. Edelman,

I just wanted to thank you. I feel like a new person. I suffered with my hands, feet and underarms sweating very severely. Since the day of the surgery, my hands and underarms have been sweat free. My feet sweating has decreased I would say by 90%. My choice of shoes was very limited because I felt the need to wear socks with everything to help absorb. Well now I hardly wear socks. I love that I can go bare foot and wear sandals all the time. I can hold my husbands hand all the time now with dry warm hands. My husband just thinks its wonderful.

Thank you so much for doing this procedure, it has surely changed my life, it has made me so happy and freer.

May God bless you,

Darla Godwin

I would just like to say thank you to Dr. Edelman and staff for the excellent job they did on my ETS operation. it has been two weeks since the procedure and so far has been a great success. If any potential client would like a vote of confidence, they can call me and I will be happy to share my pleasant experience of this life-changing procedure


Jon Weber

Dr. Edelman,

I would like to thank you for your kindness and expertise during my recent surgical experience. I must say, so far I am very satisfied. My hands nor feet haven't sweated since surgery (6/6/03) and I've had little to no facial and underarm sweating. I am experiencing the compensatory sweating as expected, but I believe it will be tolerable. It almost doesn't seem real not having to wipe my hands on something. I am truly grateful. Again, thank you.

Lisa Smith

Hi Dr. E,

Long time no 'talk'. Just wanted to let you know how I was getting on. Fist of all, I have moved to London! Shortly after the surgery, my company offered me an opportunity to open an office for them here. Given my new found confidence (and elimination of a major anxiety, meeting new people with sweaty hands)I decided to go for it! My family and I moved here in December '02 (not the best time to move to London from S. Fla. I can tell you) and have settled in and are doing great.

A year and almost a half after the surgery, I am doing fine. My hands are dry and my general anxiety level has decreased without any side effects such as compensatory sweating. My feet still sweat somewhat, but it is dramatically reduced. I have found that a low dose of Xanax, prescribed by my dermatologist to reduce the sweating pre-surgery, actually helps reduce the anxiety and accelerated heartbeat that still accompanies stressful situations for me such as public speaking.

My life has changed in many subtle ways since the surgery which have added up to a dramatic improvement. My every action is not dictated by trying to control my sweating. I am more confident than before in business and social settings. My only regret is that I didn't (couldn't) have it done years ago. Although, who knows, maybe having to overcome something made me stronger and more determined.

I guess the best endorsement I could give the surgery and you Dr. E, is that I will not hesitate to get the surgery for any of my three sons who might have inherited this condition....but I would bring them only to you. So far they don't show signs of it, but I am monitoring them closely.

Hope all is going well for you and thanks again for taking the time to get me comfortable with this procedure and for the great outcome!


Thekla Blaser Salzman
Chief Financial Officer
Lennar Partners Europe


Over a period of 13 years my facial/cranial Hyperhydrosis had progressively worsened to the point where it took all my willpower to walk out the door every morning to go to work. I was taking large doses of medication to try and keep it under control. Every day it took me at least 3 hours to get out the front door. I was so very miserable and depressed the more I thought that I would never lead anything near a ¡®normal' life because what I had was just an existence. I did everything to conceal my condition from others because of the severe embarrassment I felt, not to mention the issues that arose in the work environment because I had to repeatedly request adjustment to the air conditioning, when everyone else was walking around with their coats on or in sweaters, I was wearing clothes more suited to being in the tropics. The facial flushing was something I could not conceal, and even with make up on I would get asked ¡do you know you have a rash C what is that?¡

On December 3 rd 2004 all that changed because I flew to Florida from San Diego , CA to have ETS surgery. I did a great deal of research, and from my initial contact with Dr. Edelman I felt totally assured that he was the surgeon I wanted to perform the procedure.

From the get-go he was incredibly patient, answered all my questioned, yet explained very clearly and concisely all the intricacies of the procedure. I feel he covered everything, and gave me a realistic picture of what to expect.

There were no surprises, and I have written to Dr. Edelman several times to tell him that I cannot thank him enough, and how overjoyed I am with the results and how much it has changed my life.

I felt the effects of the ETS surgery immediately after the operation. It has now been 6 ½ months since my surgery, and I actually have a social life! Even though I do occasionally have feelings of panic relating to ¡what if the symptoms come back¡ C Dr. Edelman has assured me that this is not going to happen.

After suffering for so long, it is sometimes hard to believe that I can function and behave like others who do not suffer with Hyperhydrosis.

I would have to say that the facial/cranial/and facial flushing have almost been eliminated C at least to a 98% degree.

I had been told that I could expect this result but found it hard to believe! As for compensatory sweating, yes there is some of that, mostly the lower area of the chest and lower back but I would have to say there is simply no comparison, it is ¡®tolerable' and not the drenched shower look I had with my face and head.

Also, I couldn't write this without mentioning Mary at Dr. Edelman's office because she was just wonderful! Mary worked with me to help with the arrangements to get to Florida , and she consistently called me back with updates, and left no stone unturned regarding organizing the trip. She allayed my fears and was a constant source of encouragement. I couldn't have made it down there without her help.

The only regret I have is not knowing of Dr. Edelman years earlier to have the ETS surgery because it has been a life changing experience.


Zita Davis


Hello Doctor Edelman:

I'm doing just fine. I'm very happy and very satisfied with the results of the ETS procedure. My hands and underarms also are completely dry. I have some compensatory sweat in the stomach area and back, but it is nothing to worry about it.

I cannot express how this is improving my life quality. Before the ETS, in social and working situations I spent so much time thinking if I was going to sweat or not and that stressed me a lot. Now I don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. It is easy for me to focus in work, and know I am more socially open.

Thank you for everything.



Dr Edelman,

I am happy to report that Tyler is doing great! Everything went just as you said it would.

Thank-you for your time and honest work. You did a fantastic job of explaining the procedure to us, taking your time, never in a hurry to ensure all of our questions were answered.

You were candid in your explanation and told us what to expect. You did not sugar-coat the procedure. Looking back, your explanation was reality for Tyler. His recovery was exactly as you said.

The result: his hands- perfect, no sweating. Miracules is the word I use to describe when explaining Tyler's result. Compensatory sweating is 1 or 2, I would say, but I will have Tyler write his own conclusions.

Facial blushing is gone!

Dr Edelman as the mother of a 17 year-old boy, I am very grateful that we decided to call you, discuss the procedure, then after much thought, sheduled the surgery. As you know, we tried Dryonics, Botox and with both we had very minimal results. Tyler's senior year of high school was directly affected by this condition. He was a recluse by the end of the year and did not want to attend graduation because he dreaded the congratulatory handshakes. He did not want to go off to college for the same reason.

Now, he is excited about life and looking forward to attending college in the fall. This procedure gave him a new lease on life. Please pass my email and contact information to anyone who would like to discuss the procedure and our experience with you.

May God bless and the work you do.

Debbie Tomlinson

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